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For a van owner, having the car fixed in a short time is essential. Because we mainly work with maintenance, repair, recycling and selling of spare parts of vans, we have a good overview of what spare parts we need to have in stock to provide the fastest repair service. We also have used spare parts in store to make sure the time of repair works is as short as possible.

Ask for a quotation or reserve an appointment:

Service 678 2346 ; 508 7789
Car service master Rain Tarasov

PakiAutoKeskus provides the following repair services:

  • Repair of engines
  • Repair of gear boxes
  • Repair of diesel fuel systems and high-pressure pumps
  • Diagnostics and repair of electronics of diesel fuel systems
  • Diagnostics of car electronics on a Bosch tester
  • Testing and repair of ABS systems
  • Repair works of chassis and breaks
  • General electrical works
  • Repair of generators and starters
  • Repair and restoring of drive shafts
  • Assembly of car windows
  • Regulating axles
  • Regulating lights
  • Tire works

Price of repair service: 31€/h+(20%VAT)=37,20€  (includes VAT).

A 6-month guarantee on all works. We also provide a preliminary calculation at request. We advise you to make an appointment before coming to the Service for a repair or maintenance.

Hint: To release the stress that comes with having car troubles, you can visit the Health Centre with a swimming pool located right next to PakiAutoKeskus while your car is being repaired or maintained. We will take care of your vehicle while you can take time off and relax.